Start-up Services

Setting up a new business can be an exciting and overwhelming event. In India’s current competitive environment, entrepreneurs and founders are focused on starting business operations as quickly as possible – yet they can find themselves slowed down and stalled by various statutory and legal issues that restrict them from focusing on their part of operation.

Following are most common questions of entrepreneurs starting businesses in India: 
  • What’s the right fit for business: Company (OPC/Private/Public), Partnership, LLP or Proprietorship?
  • What are various advantages and disadvantages of each type of business entity and what is most suited to them based on their business objective?
  •  How do we incorporate an entity and what documents and details are required?
  •  Is the business eligible for any government or tax subsidies and what does the government need?
  •  What indirect taxes applicable and are required to register for?
  •  What are the legal requirements for Labour/employment agreements?
  •  What FDI (foreign direct investment) regulations apply to our business?
  •  What are best funding options available?

We offer full range of services from inception, helping in taking the hassles and uncertainties out of the start-up process so that they can focus on their part of operations. We help clients aware of taxation, government and business laws, process, procedures and practices and identify best possible option and process suited to them.