Business advisory & Internal Audit:

The scope of practitioners is no longer limited to just handling and managing finances. We at Mahesh Udhwani & Associates. apart from financial advisory also provide business advisory services which help in all horizons of your business. Business advisory has a more strategic role now by giving value addition in every aspect of the business from procuring to selling.

We understand the problems faced by the business organisations and provide feasible solutions that cater to specific need of our clients.

The end result of an internal audit is no longer limited to focusing on the processes and controls surrounding financial reporting. Internal audit now has a more strategic role. It can create value by identifying enterprise-wide risks, leveraging synergies, monitoring and providing early warning of new risks.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is a mandatory component of any business model. SOPs act as the process book that describes a set of procedures and protocols for a particular action.

Our range of services include:
  • Risk Assessment
  • Internal Audit
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SPOs) development
  • Operational Audits
  • Software Implementation advisory